Hartford Elevators Services


Our elevator installation solutions provide you with both the finest construction and materials, that will surely secure that your investment will look and function great for years to come.

– Freight Elevators
– Passenger Elevators
– Incline Chair Lifts
– Handicap Lifts

– Home Elevators
– LULA Lifts
– Incline Chair & Stair Climbers
– Handicap Lifts


We work with only the best quality components for elevators and our technicians are specifically trained to focus on safety and service. We are qualified to repair and maintain all varieties of elevator components.

– Jack Replacements
– Full Load Testing / Safety Testing
– No Load / Full Load Pressure Test

– Rope Replacement
– Five Year Test
– Governor Calibration


Our clients know that we are proud of our commitment to service. Our trained technicians specialize in getting the job done with the utmost care and the service is prompt.

24 Hour Service
– Grease and Oil Coverage
– Full Maintenance Coverage


Safety is our main concern and the introduction of new components will bring your elevators into compliance with codes. Our modernization standards will not only improve efficiency of operation and performance, but will also extend the life of your equipment.

– ADA Compliance
– Cab Renovation
– Controller Updates
– Fixtures Updates