Elevator & Lift Installations

Hartford Elevator provides investment smart installations. We work with you during the entire installation process to ensure we deliver a new elevator or lift that is a perfect solution for all of your needs.

Money Saving: minimize installation costs and long term costs, sustainable, In-Budget Personalize: Work together to identify need/purpose of installation, what the elevator is resolving. Identify all anticipated uses for the elevator. Any non necessity wants, "luxury". We Analyze collected info, contact manufacturers, suppliers and vendors, and then decide on a wise course of action

Our objective is to work with you in order to meet your budget goals and still provide you with an elevator or lift that is the perfect solution for your needs. Our use of non-proprietary technology lets us minimize your installation costs as well as your long term maintenance costs. We work with a large variety of vendors and manufacturers which gives us endless installation options to choose from so you can be sure that together we will pick the perfect new elevator or lift that will meet all your needs.

Installation Process


  • Investment Smart Installations
  • Non Proprietary Technology
  • Custom Designed for you
  • Any kind of Elevator or Lift
  • Flexible Installations
  • Built to meet your needs

1. One of our elevator specialists will ask you general questions about your anticipated uses for your elevator, your budget, and what you are trying to get out of your elevator. Your elevator specialist will then ask you to email or fax us the building plans.

2. Your elevator specialist will then review your responses and analyze the building plans. We will also gather information from numerous vendors and manufacturers. This step is to ensure we considered all options for your new elevator or lift .

3. Based on the findings in step two, your elevator specialist will devise a course of action that best suits you and your building.

4. Next we will contact you with the course of action and more specific details about your elevator or lift installation. If you decide to move forward with the installation.

5. Our elevator specialist will outline, in phases, a detailed plan to install your new elevator or lift, including an exact price. We will contact you with our plan and upon your approval we will begin the first phase of installing your new elevator or lift!

Every elevator and lift installation is different. We custom design each installation to better meet your needs and fit your budget. These are the general steps taken for new installations. Please contact us for a more in-depth description on how our installation solutions are right for you.

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